Lil Nas X is determined to end me. Alongside his bops and ever-humorous ways, he rarely, if ever, misses in the hair department. No, seriously, he has given us some looks, but the one I’m focusing on today is the long, straight hair he wore for the Chanel Cruise 2023/2024 show on May 9. 

He has yet to dedicate an Instagram grid post to this glorious hair, but thankfully he shared a few photos of it on his stories. In his first selfie, he gave a peek at his inches with duck lips and tons of jewelry on his neck and wrists. Though only part of his straightened hair can be seen, you can still spot the sheen. 

He gave a better look at this shiny black hair and its length in the following Instagram Stories. The very ends of this hair touched his chest and his hair was parted cleanly down the middle. This isn’t the longest hair he has ever had, but we don’t get to see him with straight hair often. 

My favorite part is definitely the texture of the hair, which appeared to be a kinky-straight texture that mimics what Afro-textured hair looks like when straightened. It looked so natural, like it came straight from his scalp. I do wonder what type of extensions he is wearing — is it a wig? A sew-in? Clip-ins? He hasn’t shared how this hair was achieved, but I need the details expeditiously.

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