Emily Ratajkowski has been having fun with her hair lately. For years she played it safe with a signature mid-length chop (with good reason, it suits her), but the last year has seen her try side-swept bangs, ultra-long extensions, and the copper color trend, to name just a few experimental styles. At the recent Marc Jacobs show, she even dabbled in a Pulp Fiction-inspired bob and micro-fringe, a look that is not for the faint-hearted.

But she isn’t stopping there. At an event to celebrate Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb scent in New York, the model wore her hair in big, bouncy curls. Her curls were parted down the middle and cascaded towards her chest for a style that’s not exactly long but medium-length doesn’t seem like an apt descriptor either. Glossy and thick, her curls clearly belonged at Studio 54, where everyone from Diana Ross to Andy Warhol and Grace Jones partied in the ’70s. 

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Cast your mind back to Kate Moss’s 30th birthday party in 2004, and you’ll remember the supermodel’s own tumble of unruly curls that were, quite simply, made for partying – especially when paired with floor-length, midnight-blue sequins. Moss also revisited the style to celebrate her 34th, when she hosted a party inspired by the iconic disco destination.

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