TikTok has convinced me to buy a great many things. Some recommendations have been good, some have been bad, but only one has been outstanding: the Kincmax Shower Caddy. It went viral due to its strong adhesive backing, with buyers claiming it actually stays put on shower tiles without succumbing to the weight of heavy bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Priced at $28 and outfitted with a simple, sleek design? What a steal, in my opinion. I had to test it myself and, after five months of use, I can confirm that it’s worth every penny. 

First, the adhesive legitimately works. I’d long given up on organizers that promised to stay put as they all ended up crashing down to my shower floor. They simply couldn’t take the heft of multiple products, making them pretty useless and a giant waste of money. But let me tell you — this Amazon shelf is solid. 

My husband cleaned our shower tiles with alcohol wipes before applying the provided suction cups; we waited an hour, stacked bottle upon bottle, and it held strong. We couldn’t believe it. He actually tried shimmying the shelf to see if it would budge and…nothing. It remained totally stable. It’s currently holding three bottles of shampoo (including a giant Costco-sized bottle of Head & Shoulders), three bottles of face wash, two bottles of conditioner, three bottles of body wash, body scrub, shaving cream, a razor, a loofah, and a silicone scrubber — a heavy load that’s a perfect testament to the strength of this humble shower organizer.

The second-most important feature of this shower shelf is that it doesn’t reek of mildew. I’ve purchased so many similar products (cheap and expensive alike) that have all ended up the same: rusting, accumulating gunk, and smelly if not properly sanitized every few days. (Yes, I should be already doing that in theory but I don’t, OK?) And speaking of cleaning: This functional shower shelf is designed in a way that makes it easy to clean. Just spray, wipe, and you’re done. 

A final feature that I appreciate are the detachable hooks, which are perfect for storing my silicone scrubbers, a loofah (my husband’s, not mine), and razors. You can easily remove them when not in use, too. 

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