Andie MacDowell doesn’t care what you think about her gray hair. In a new interview with Katie Couric, the actor shared that comments about her hair making her “look older” just make her laugh.

“How old do you think I look? I’m going to be 65. What do you think I look 75 just because I let my hair go gray?” she explained. “I don’t care. I want to be old. I’m tired of trying to be young. I don’t want to be young. I’ve been young.” The star has no interest in trying to look exactly like her younger, Four Weddings and a Funeral self. “And to be an older person trying to be young, what an effort,” she shared. “I just can’t keep up the charade! I can’t!”

According to MacDowell, going gray was something she always wanted to do, even when she was young. She explained that she didn’t get to see her mother transition to gray hair, as she died when MacDowell was only 23. Instead, she looked to her father (and George Clooney) for inspiration. “I thought that it would suit me … I thought that the idea of a kind of salt and pepper would suit me,” she said. “I thought it would look good on my face. And when it started growing out during COVID, I saw I was right. It looks good on me.” The actor loved the way her new salt-and-pepper hair looked in the mirror. “As it was growing out, my eyes popped and the color of them looked a little different. I liked the way my skin looked better. It empowered me more. I felt more powerful and I felt more genuine and I felt more myself.”

MacDowell is embracing her grays today, but she’s open to changing things up in the future too. “Even though I may be portraying this person who is really comfortable in her skin or whatever, I don’t know, in 10 years I might change my mind,” she told Couric. “I can’t guarantee you, I don’t know. I can’t tell you how I’m going to feel. We have a lot of options.”

The Maid star isn’t the only celeb talking about her relationship with her silver hair. Model Christie Brinkley also opened up about whether or not to go gray, and Sarah Jessica Parker has spoken up about being called “brave” simply for having grays.

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