Stop the presses because another celebrity has officially become a member of Team Bangs. Katie Holmes revealed her new haircut toward the end of the spooky season, and we almost didn’t recognize her with her thick fringe because she looked like she could be Zooey Deschanel’s twin sister. 

Holmes showed off her new bangs at a book launch on October 23. She wore an olive-green, long, flowy dress with her hair cascading to her waist. Her hairstyling was rather simple, styled into glossy, straight sheets of brown hair. Her bangs, on the other hand, were curled inwards and given a light loop at the ends for some height and texture.

Her lightly curled bangs ended just above her eyebrows, so we’re sure they’re about brow-length without styling. Holmes’s fringe was just as full and blunt as the signature bangs Zooey Deschanel is never seen without. Thus far, Holmes is styling her bangs the same way as Deschanel; the main difference is that Deschanel’s fringe is longer and often covers her eyebrows entirely. 

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