In February, Kehlani debuted a deep burgundy pixie cut, a drastic change from the ginger bob she had just prior. Since then, she has had a range of hairstyles and colors, including the same pixie cut dyed black. At the end of October, she debuted a brand-new, much brighter color that looks like a mix of red and hot pink

On October 21, Kehlani posted two selfies of her vivid pixie on Instagram. She sculpted her short hair into loose finger waves that you can see better in the second photo. In the second selfie, which also provides a closer look at her hair, you can see the ripples of her bright waves. She brushed her hair into swoops along her hairline, so they almost looked like baby hairs.

This isn’t Kehlani’s first rodeo with red, pink, or any vibrant hair color. Back in 2017, she experimented with red ombré, both in the form of a blunt bob and long curls. She even wore shimmery hot-pink crimped streaks for her Coachella performance in 2017. She also had a pastel pink hair phase the same year, but the only images of Kehlani with light pink hair that exist are on Pinterest or Tumblr fan accounts

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