Let’s set the scene. You’re en route to the grocery store to stock up for the week. You have your reusable bag at the ready, grab a cart and head to the produce section. Now take a big whiff. What do you smell? Perhaps you encounter the earthy, rooty notes of beets and carrots, or the delicate watery tones of celery wafting in the air. Maybe it’s a blend of ripe summer peaches and strawberries, or a top note of freshly spritzed kale shimmering under the fluorescent lights. Those grocery store scents, all mingling together in a culinary concoction, is exactly the premise behind the new fragrance from … wait, Instacart?

Yes, you read that right. The delivery service just launched its first-ever (and, um, unexpected) perfume, a limited edition scent called Cashé, inspired by “the smell of cash back.” Apparently the smell of cash back is a green citrus scent, as Cashé includes fresh notes of zesty lemon and rosemary and comes in a glamorous emerald green bottle hinting at the juice inside; the carrot top is a particularly clever detail and nod to the brand’s veggie logo. Cashé is less “paper bags, deli turkey and checkout line” and more cheeky glamour with a big wink-wink. The scent “evokes feelings of everyday luxury and a carefree lifestyle,” according to a press release. The campaign, too, has a decidedly fashion-forward feel, with models posing in front of lush veggies wearing rich jewel tones and even hopping into the ice cream freezer for a very America’s Next Top Model-style promo pic.


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