Nude and red nail polishes have a chokehold on people and nail trends, but not on me. Though they are classic colors, I’m often bored by the constant nude pink, bright red, and milk bath manicures on my social media feeds — in fact, I avoid those nail colors the most. So it felt like a breath of fresh air when I spotted Kate Hudson‘s short periwinkle nails. 

The “Almost Famous” actor attended the Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show on July 4 with her blue mani. Her super short nails were filed into a rounded shape that’s flattering for its length. Her nails were so short that they barely peeked out past her fingertips. 

Maybe Hudson felt inspired by the recent blueberry milk nail trend, which is quite literally just a light blue manicure. The bluish tint she chose was a pastel color that is right in-between purple and blue, so it’s a bit darker than the blueberry manicures. 

I really love this periwinkle hue, and I’ll admit I might be biased because it’s close to lavender, my favorite color. Hudson hasn’t shared the polish details for these nails, but I did find a couple of nail polishes that look similar. Based on nail swatches, Essie’s Bikini So Teeny looks nearly identical to Hudson’s manicure. OPI’s Infinite Shine Nail Polish in To Be Continued is a great option for folks who want a lighter blueberry milk manicure. 

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