Is Ariana Grande over her signature ponytail? All signs point to “no,” but she did break with tradition and let her hair down to watch Carlos Alcaraz play Novak Djokovic at the Wimbledon men’s final on July 16.

Grande ditched the ponytail in favor of long, loose blonde curls worn over one shoulder and down her back. She’s been blonde for awhile now, likely as part of her transformation into Glinda the Good Witch for the upcoming Wicked movie musical, though the shade has transformed a bit over the past year; at first, the color was a light, creamy vanilla, but it’s now a warmer honey tone. However, we didn’t get the full, head-to-toe effect, as the musician popped a white Wimbledon baseball cap atop her head, likely to keep the sun out of her eyes, and let her hair flow freely beneath it. She wore fun Oz-inspired green circular sunglasses with her lined eye and pale blonde brow, a touch of contour and a dot of highlighter on the tip of her nose, plus a soft pink lip. Grande’s nails were painted in her current favorite French manicure style, which she’s worn frequently in recent months. (It is having a moment, after all.)

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