There are updos, right? And there are half-updos, too, right? Pretty self-explanatory. And for the most part, nearly all not-worn-entirely-down hairstyles fall into these categories. But today, Kim Kardashian took it upon herself to make me question everything I know about the ups and downs of hairstyle proportions with her latest look.

Kardashian shared a carousel of photos in which she’s enjoy some nigiri while wearing a damn good replica (or, knowing her, maybe even the original) of the iconic yellow and black leather jacket worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. At first, I thought her hair was in a perfectly imperfect bun, but when I got a look at the second photo, my brain glitched a little. 

It appears that some hair is hanging loose and long beneath the bun — too much to consider the hairstyle an updo, yet too little to categorize this has a half-updo. Like the tendrils framing her face, a somewhat generous amount of hair has been left loose in the back, yet most of her hair is still up. It defies logic, and it instantaneously turned me into that confused lady in the math meme.

If there’s not enough hair up to consider it a true updo yet not enough hair down to consider it a half-updo, are we witnessing the invention of the mostly-updo? And if so, can I please get royalties for the use of that term moving forward?

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