If you looked up the trendy “quiet luxury” aesthetic in the dictionary, you’d absolutely see a photo of Jennifer Lawrence’s luscious honey blonde hair color under the definition, and I’m showing this pic to my colorist ASAP.

Lawrence has been blonde for most of her career, save forays into brunette for her role as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movies, but the blonde hue she rocked at the Cannes Film Festival was practically dipped in gold. Lawrence walked the carpet in a bright siren red Dior gown that provided a truly stunning backdrop for her expensive honey hair color, a trending warm blonde shade that feels and looks like a million bucks. There’s a reason we call it expensive blonde — you know this was the result of lots and lots of expertly-placed foils, despite how low-maintenance it looks.

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For her red carpet moment, Lawrence wore her hair straight and parted in the middle, a simple and subtle style that only enhanced the perfection of her color. The magic of the hue is that it feels completely natural and lived-in, as though the face-framing highlights came from the sun and not a salon chair. The highlights and lowlights are precisely blended throughout Lawrence’s hair for tons of effortless depth and dimension. The overall effect is soft, warm and comfortable, like wrapping up in a pricey Loro Piana cashmere sweater to watch the sunset. She paired the color with minimal makeup offset with a bright red lip that perfectly matched the gown.

While expensive honey hair may be trending this year, Lawrence has been sporting a variation on the color for over a year. In late 2021, she was absolutely shimmering in a shiny sandy blonde color a shade or two lighter than her current honey blonde. This base blonde is so easy to customize; with just a few strategically placed highlights, Lawrence could easily go brighter for the hottest days of summer or take it down a notch for a darker tone. That versatility may come with a hefty salon bill, but if you’re ready to elevate your blonde game, there’s nothing sweeter than honey.

Because blonde is a state of mind:

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