On October 13, Megan Thee Stallion posted three cryptic posts on her Instagram page. Together, the posts spelled out “Act One,” leading fans to speculate about what she’s working on — some thought it was a sign of upcoming music, while others, including myself, thought it was a teaser for an upcoming One Piece cosplay (the font used in the posts is the same one used in the anime).

She gave no other real hints, however, in the last of the three posts from October 14, she did reveal a new look, including glossy, pin-straight hair that went on and on and — you guessed it — on. She shared the series of photos with a snake emoji as the sole caption. 

Dressed in purple leather pants with a mesh cropped top, Meg looks straight at the camera with her hands resting atop her head in the first picture. Her go-to hairstylist Kellon Deryck styled and parted her hair down the middle, letting the inky sheets of pin-straight hair fall towards her butt. He also slicked down her baby hairs at her temples. In the fourth, picture she poses alongside a white snake, which can’t be much longer or shorter than the rapper’s overflowing inches of hair.

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