What in the world is in a Marthatini? Martha Stewart must be mixing up some magic potions, because she once again has us mystified.

Stewart headed to Las Vegas to visit her restaurant The Bedford, a replica of her farmhouse right on the famous Strip, and of course she looked picture perfect while doing so. “Flew to Las Vegas to do press and work at [The Beford] my beautiful restaurant in partnership with Caesar’s Palace,” the icon wrote on Instagram next to a photo of herself perusing the menu and holding a martini glass aloft. “The ‘Marthatinis’ were as great as ever!!” The cocktail may be delicious, but it’s her hair and makeup that stand out. Did she trim her soft bob or are my eyes deceiving me?

Stewart’s highlighted blonde hair is styled in her signature classic crop, parted to one side and gently curled under to frame her face. It definitely looks shorter, and we know that she recently made the most of a canceled flight by getting a haircut, so it’s entirely possible this style is a result of that spur-of-the-moment trim session. Whatever it is — the warm Las Vegas sunshine pouring through the windows, the twist of lemon in her drink or those enormous diamond stud earrings — something is hitting different about this Stewart snapshot in a very good way.

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