Sometimes, the most random things can evoke nostalgia — the scent of a certain food cooking or hearing an old song you had completely forgotten about. That just happened to me, thanks to a photo of Tia and Tamera Mowry. Upon seeing the twins’ recently posted makeup-free selfie, I was instantly taken back to my days of watching the Disney Channel.

Tia posted the selfie on her Instagram on April 28 with a heartfelt caption expressing nothing but love and gratitude for her twin sister. “Been womb-mates since the beginning, sisterly love is truly one of the most beautiful kinds of love. Here’s to cherishing many more moments together. Love you, sis,” the caption read. 

Tia wore a red dress and Tamera wore a patterned green one. Tia’s hair was braided into small box braids that were an interesting bronde hue while Tamera’s was slicked back in a bun with a headband. But despite wearing totally opposite looks, their smiles were an identical match. You might have to squint while looking at this photo because of their luminous skin. Now, don’t quote me, but I’m 99.9 percent positive there is not a lick of makeup on their faces. 

This picture was taken back in July 2022 when the sisters met up in Florence, Italy while vacationing separately in Europe. It was a few days after the duo celebrated another year around the sun, so the Cancers got to celebrate once again with their families in a whole new country. 

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