The French manicure may just be the perfect manicure. Think about it! It goes with literally everything, like a wedding dress, your favorite denim cutoffs or a vintage one-piece, and is infinitely customizable. You can swap the white tips for baby blue, soften it with an American manicure or stick to the classic pink-and-white palette. The sky — or is the nail salon? — is the limit, which is why the faithful French is having a big resurgence in 2023. Hailey Bieber once again proved that the French mani isn’t going anywhere with her latest summer set, and I’m begging her to post a close-up so I can replicate it on my own.

Bieber isn’t just synonymous with glazed donut skin; she’s also one of the biggest manicure trendsetters of the 2020s. Bieber helped popularize the white chrome manicure, and though she’s never really abandoned that frosted finish, she has expanded her horizons to include the French mani. Case in point: the delectable dessert-inspired set she shared in a brief Instagram Story post.

Hailey Bieber

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