Twizzlers are kind of gross, in my opinion. I’m not sure what person wanted to torture our taste buds, but you can keep the licorice far, far away from me. Though I could care less about Twizzlers, I was instantly reminded of the red twisted candy when I spotted Cardi B‘s multi-tonal bright red hair.

Cardi B gave Instagram fans a peek at her new look via her Stories on July 24. Her go-to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez worked her magic to install and curl this red unit. She styled the hair with a middle part, from which big ringlets cascaded towards the Bronx-based rapper’s waist. 

The color of this wig is a rather intriguing mix of varying red shades. At her roots closest to her hairline, you can see a ruby red hue. But when you look at the rest of her scalp, there is a deeper black cherry red. In fact, it looks like lighter red created money piece highlights, which were all over TikTok in 2019 and are still pretty popular to this day. The colors were blended so well together, they reminded me of Twizzlers’s perfect twists. You can’t tell where one red ends and the other begins. 

Clearly, Cardi B is having a love affair with red hair. This wig actually looked similar to the dark red wig she wore on July 10 to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. That unit was blunt, pin-straight, and waist-length, unlike this multi-toned style.

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