Like most supermodels, Cindy Crawford is different from the rest of us. (That’s kind of the prerequisite for becoming a supermodel, especially back in the late ‘80s and early ’90s when the whole concept of being a supermodel was really having its moment, much like Crawford herself.) Although we take cues from supermodels regarding makeup and hair ideas, most of us don’t expect to look exactly like those deemed the most conventionally attractive humans on the planet. But as many times as I’ve thought, It’s not fair, when I look aspirationally at Crawford, I don’t think I’ve been as awestruck as when I saw the selfie she posted today.

On her Instagram stories, Crawford posted a photo that — first of all — was taken from a lower angle, which is unheard of in my camera roll. But the real shocker is that she noted the photo was taken at 5:09 a.m., a time I occasionally see by accident if I’m not sleeping well, but definitely not a time I have ever looked as stunning as Crawford does in this photo, even marked on a non-supermodel curve.

Crawford’s voluminous hair is flipped heavily to one side and cascading down in smooth yet tousled waves. Am I to believe that she rolled out of bed looking like this? According to an accompanying carousel of photos on her grid, the shoot she was working on had a 5 a.m. call time, which means that hairstylist Peter Savic had less than 10 minutes between her arrival and this selfie to achieve this look — not to mention while makeup artist Francesca Tolot did a low-key look.

Instagram/Cindy Crawford

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