More often than not, when celebrities share imagery on social media of a dramatic change to their hairstyle, it’s probably a wig, as opposed to an actual haircut or dye job. But if there’s any celebrity who has managed to surprise me by actually getting drastic, not-so-temporary hair makeovers, it’s Kim Kardashian. Like when she went platinum blonde for a major chunk of 2022 — I was so sure it was a wig at first, but I was so wrong.

And now I find myself in a similar did-she-or-didn’t-she conundrum. In new Instagram Stories, it appears Kardashian has chopped off her hair, but I just don’t think I can believe this sleek new bob is not a wig until she posts a picture to the grid.

Kardashian showed off a couple of new Skims styles on Thursday, “This sports bra is super-cute,” she says while recording herself in a full-length mirror, “just like my new haircut.” In another slide, this time a front-facing selfie video, she’s lying in bed, flipping the straight, chin-length style. “I wanna show you guys my new hair,” she says, going on to make kissy faces.

But here’s the thing: Kardashian has posted two photo carousels to her Instagram grid since posting those Instagram Stories, and both show her with the super-long hair we’ve been used to seeing on her for a very long time. But here’s another thing: Neither set is actually more recent that those new-hair clips. The first was taken a few days ago in Miami at a soccer match, and the second shows Kardashian with her birthday-boy nephew, Tatum, when he was several months younger. That said, as of writing this, I also see nothing about this haircut on the Instagram accounts of any of her go-to stylists.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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