Senior editor Jesa Marie Calaor holding Rhode Lip Tints in Toast, Espresso, Ribbon, and Raspberry Jelly.

Rhode has been synonymous with the coveted glazed donut skin trend (because, of course) but the brand is now dabbling in color. You might have seen its Peptide Lip Tints on TikTok with many of its early testers raving about the formula. Having also gotten my hands on the treatment before its official launch, I was curious if it lived up to the growing hype. 

While subtle (they are tints after all), the Peptide Lip Tints are Rhode’s first color cosmetics launch. According to board-certified dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, who helped develop all of the brand’s products, the Peptide Lip Tints have the same base formula as the original Peptide Lip Treatments but with an added hint of color. It currently comes in four shades (three of which are food-inspired): Ribbon (a ballet pink), Toast (a rosy brown), raspberry jelly (a deep fuchsia), and espresso (rich warm brown), which were meticulously chosen by brand founder Hailey Bieber and the brand’s resident makeup artist, Leah Darcey. “It was important to Hailey to create a curated range of colors that work for any occasion and can be worn on their own, as well as easily layered,” she says. “For Hailey specifically, I love layering Peptide Lip Tint on top of a lip liner.”

Remove the cap and (very) gently squeeze the tube to reveal the delectably thick formula. As the goo accumulates at the tip of the applicator, it looks opaque, but once you glide it across your lips, you’ll see that it creates a sheer wash of color.

I tried each shade by sweeping them across my lips and smacking and squeezing my them together. While it isn’t a lip plumper, I love how this treatment leaves my lips looking juicier and slightly fuller (without the spiciness that comes with traditional plumpers). That effect is thanks to the combination of hydrogentated polyiisobutene and polybutene, explains cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos. “They create a glossy, occlusive film on the lips which makes them look smoother and more plump by filling in the lines and furrows,” she says. 

Calaor wearing the Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Ribbon.

Calaor wearing the Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Toast.

The four shades do a great job of immediately blurring the different tones in my lips to make them appear more even. Ribbon is the most subtle of the bunch, making my lips appear slightly brighter than they do without anything on it. Toast is my go-to shade because it’s the closest to my lips’ natural color while enhancing the curves of my lips. Raspberry was the punchiest, giving my lips a subtle wash of fuchsia. Espresso is sexy. Its the deepest of the shades and leaves my lips a tinge browner. 

Calaor wearing the Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Raspberry Jelly.

Calaor wearing the Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Espresso.

Once I wipe it off, my lips feel soft and moisturized. (That’s the formula’s shea butter and synthetic wax at work.) It also contains lactic acid and vitamin E, which can help minimize lines and even out tone in the long term, as long as I consistently use it, according to board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD. The one thing that could make this treatment better is added scent to its food-inspired shades — similar to that of the brand’s limited edition Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment.

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Tint

The Peptide Lip Tints are $16 each for .3 fl oz. and are available now on

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