I didn’t notice much of an effect the first two weeks, but around day 17, my face looked more radiant with a natural-looking fullness that ever-so-slightly lifted my face. By week three, my platysmal bands looked less pronounced.

My second treatment (4 weeks later)

I am sorry to report that my second treatment was a lot more painful than my first, but I think my lack of sleep the night before may have caused a heightened sensitivity to pain. (I have noticed the same effect with Botox, however, Profhilo, in general, hurts more overall.) After this session, I also had a few bumps on my face and neck well into the night and a large bruise on my neck that was noticeable for two and a half weeks. I share this because, while uncommon, it can happen, and if you have a big event, you will want to time your treatment properly.

I am now 10 weeks after my second treatment and I am thrilled with the results, which seem to get better over time. My skin looks like I drink 10 glasses of water every day — naturally hydrated and radiant. (Interestingly, that radiance looked more noticeable when I wore makeup as it made my foundation and blush look illuminated.) The bands in my neck are less prominent, which has made me more confident when I look in the mirror at them. 

Even if the effects end up being temporary, I am definitely doing this again in six months. I was, admittedly, skeptical about the science behind skin boosters but am now a believer.

Writer Brenda Della Casa’s results after two treatments of Profhilo.

Writer Brenda Della Casa’s results after two treatments of Profhilo.

How does Profhilo compare to Botox and traditional fillers?

It doesn’t. Botox’s role in cosmetic dermatology is to soften and prevent wrinkles by weakening the muscles around a certain area, such as the eyes or forehead. Fillers are mostly used to replace lost volume and to lift or contour the face. Profhilo plays a different role, one that’s totally skin-based. While rebuilding your collagen and elastin will plump and tighten skin over time, Profhilo isn’t designed to add volume to the face or change its structure the way traditional fillers do. “You will see improvement in superficial lines, thanks to the intense hydration and long-term improvement in deeper wrinkles thanks to fresh collagen and elastin, but it’s nothing like Botox or fillers like Restylane or Voluma,” Dr. Alexandrides explains.

That said, it’s not uncommon for all three to be used in a 360° rejuvenation plan, as these products can work well together when performed by an experienced practitioner. “I often use a little bit of filler to reharmonize the face, Botox to soften fine lines, and a skin booster to make skin look radiant,” says Soni. While he emphasizes the importance of doing both rounds of Profhilo for long-term benefits, he says some of his US-based clients have been known to fly over to “get the glow” for big events such as fashion week, award shows, and weddings.

How much does Profhilo cost?

Profhilo runs between $250-$375 per dosage, depending on the clinic, which means that you will spend $500-$750 for a full treatment for each area of the body (the face and neck are considered two areas).

What are the risks?

One of the main reasons for Profhilo’s popularity is that it poses minimal risks to most patients and can be done with little downtime. “I have never had a client who has not been a candidate, but if you have a bleeding disorder, are immunocompromised or are someone with unrealistic expectations, you may have contraindications and should discuss your circumstances with your provider before treatment. Of course, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot have any injectable treatment,” says Soni. As with all injectables, bruising is possible, but it’s less likely if you follow a few simple steps. “I encourage my patients not to drink for 24 hours before or after injection and to limit Omega-3 vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs if they can for at least three days before and after treatment. If a patient has an increased risk of bruising, Arnica tablets or cream used three days before and after treatment can be helpful,” he says.

So, should you grab your passport?

To reiterate, Profhilo isn’t available in the US so you’ll have to book a flight for your appointment. For me, Profhilo is worth the price without travel costs. If I had a red carpet event, a wedding, or another important life event to attend, I would consider flying to get glowing but otherwise feel like it is a great option for those on an extended holiday in London, who can have two treatments four weeks apart.

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