Emma Chamberlain has definitely done plenty of interesting things with her hair since she shot to internet-personality fame, like drastic shifts in color and major chops. But sometimes it’s the little things that hit like the biggest beauty ideas — and her latest look at Paris Fashion Week is clear proof.

Although Chamberlain’s hair has been an above-the-shoulder shag lately, she showed up to sit front row at the Miu Miu show on Tuesday, October 3, with hair reaching well beyond her waist. But unlike fellow Fashion Week attendee, Zendaya, who wore her temporarily lengthy hair loose, Chamberlain was seen wearing braided pigtails.

Braided pigtails are one of those childhood hairstyles that, with the right styling choices, can be worn with sophistication in adulthood, and Chamberlain is absolutely pulling it off. In addition to a middle part with wispy bangs framing her forehead, the low, tight braids feel more je ne sais quoi than juvenile. But while you might think ribbons would make an already youthful hairstyle look more immature, the way stylist Marty Harper worked them into the look actually makes it more sophisticated.

Harper tells Allure that the look was inspired by Wednesday Addams if she were on the runway. “I used braiding hair to create the long plaits,” he said of the extensions. As for the burgundy threads and — as you get lower in the braids — burgundy velvet ribbons, they’re from Jennifer Behr, and the fact that they’re simply tied and not bowed is very intentional. “We felt it was more about the times versus the bows,” Harper says. “Just more vibes.”

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