Have you ever met someone and instantly make it weird because you’re so focused on their outrageously perfect skin? Like, who are these rare human specimens who look like they exist within a forcefield of the Instagram Paris filter? And while it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever meet Dua Lipa, if I do, I just know I’m gonna make it weird and immediately ask her for every detail of her skin-care routine now that I’ve seen the closeup photo she just posted.

On Friday, July 7, Lipa shared a carousel of photos to her Instagram grid, the caption of which declares that she’s a “v happy summer bean.” What I wish the caption said, though, is a start-to-finish skin-care regimen complete with morning and nighttime products and highly detailed explanations of any techniques she uses — because just look at that first picture.

Aside from what I fear may be a hint of sunburn (I’m sure she did her best to apply and reapply her sunscreen), the closeup that kicks off the photos shows that her skin is about as perfect as skin can get. Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny pores, visible hydration — and all without any apparent makeup. 

In fact, all of the photos reveal that Lipa’s been wearing little to no makeup lately, her red nail polish serving as the most glam part of her laid-back beauty look. And understandably, several commenters call out that her skin is glowing (and also share how impressed they are by the handstand she does in the second slide’s video).

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