Whenever Saweetie drops a new picture on the ‘gram, she eats every single time with her style and beauty moments. I’ve dubbed her the “modern-day queen of the Y2K aesthetic” before, and I specifically love that her looks are colorful, creative, at times gaudy, and always loud. Unsurprisingly, I’m obsessing over her latest hairstyle: a silky top knot with a Betty Boop bang

The Los Angeles-based rapper dropped her latest look, which included a reflective two-piece set with matching heels, for Instagram fans to enjoy on August 22. The first picture shows Saweetie looking down at her phone as she’s walking in a hallway and provides a great view of her topknot and glimmering eye makeup. But you should really scroll to the second photo, which is a closer shot of the rapper and zooms in on the details of her hair. 

This is officially a “Betty Boop” bang because her fringe forms a big loop on her forehead, resembling the cartoon character’s own curled hair. The rest of her dark hair was gathered into what looks like a very tight and slicked-back bun on her crown. 

A topknot isn’t the most innovative style, but the magic in this particular bun lies in how it’s styled. She adorned the front of her silky smooth bun with two silver clips arranged in a X. In true Saweetie fashion, multiple baby hairs were swooped and looped along her hairline.

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