Back in 2022, we wondered, whether or not celebrities were abandoning nail extensions and committing to the au natural look en masse, but it seems that celebrities are simply getting more comfortable with switching between longer extensions and their shorter, natural nails. Kim Kardashian is the perfect example.

We had our eyes on her long, coffin-shaped French tips adorned with 3D charms that she had at the beginning of August. However, she’s finishing the month with short nails, which she has been showing on Instagram quite a bit. On August 28, she posted a mirror selfie taken in her car; with her phone camera facing the side-view mirror, her reflection showed her winking with a kissy face. Only one nail plus a sliver of another nail were fully visible, but you can still tell both of them were bare, short, and seemed to be square-shaped.

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Barely 24 hours later, the reality TV star posted another mirror selfie with her short nails, but those two photos featured her adorable daughter, North West, by her side. She’s been posting photos from their vacation to Japan, where West also revealed her pink underlayer of hair. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see if there is any kind of nail polish on her nails or if they are completely bare.

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