When the spooky season rolls around, I’m just as excited to dress up as I am to see everyone else’s costumes. Though Halloweekend came before the actual holiday this year, many still celebrated; my social media feeds have been full of funny, scary, and cute costumes. One of my favorite celebrity costumes came from Megan Thee Stallion who dressed as one of the Talking Flowers from the live-action Alice in Wonderland.

Over the Halloween weekend, the Hot Girl Coach hosted her annual Hottieween party, and this year’s theme was Tim Burton. She looked like a walking humanoid flower dressed in a mesh green jumpsuit with vines encircling her body. Arguably the most impressive part of the costume is the pink petals seemingly growing right out of her face. The ribbed petals surrounded her like a lion’s mane, and her face served as the pistil of the flower.  

At first, you might think this crown of petals covered her hair entirely, but there was actually a sliver of bright red hair visible near her hairline. Her colorful baby hairs were brushed into swoops between the petal pieces on her face. 

Of course, she didn’t disappoint in the makeup department, either. Her exposed chest was painted a shimmery pink to match the color of the petals. Her eye makeup was rather delicate, a blend of pastel green and pink hues with some shimmer, which she paired with an ombré nude lip. 

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