Baby bangs may be one of the most controversial and daring hairstyles, and honestly, I’m usually not a fan. But somehow, someway, Kat Graham is tempting me to try them out with her recent look. On March 21, she and her jet-black baby fringe made an appearance at the Fashion Trust US Awards in Los Angeles. 

Her hair wasn’t the only show-stopper at the award event. The Vampire Diaries star wore a tan, body-hugging, floor-length dress with her blunt bangs and jet-black hair, which cascaded towards her lower back. The ends of her fringe stopped around the middle of her forward, leaving nearly an inch of space between her black hair and perfectly arched eyebrows

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From the front, the hairstyle appears sleek and straighter than a razor. However, her dark hair actually had some texture, thanks to water waves, which have been uber popular on red carpets recently. Combining curls or waves with straight bangs can sometimes harken back to the 2000s in a bad way, but the minor contrast between her super straight bangs and slightly wavy hair worked. 

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