The ever-growing menu of food-related beauty looks coined and championed by Hailey Bieberglazed donut skin, latte makeup, strawberry girl blush, to name just a few — now has another must-try item joining its ranks. Colorist Matt Rez took to social today to share Bieber’s newly-shaded chop: a gently burnished hue they quickly dubbed “cinnamon cookie butter.” 

If you’re already pining for the brisk, cozy days of fall — and the sweet treats that accompany it —then Bieber’s new hair color is bound to spark some cravings. “We were going for a caramel-y, cookie butter vibe with a bit of cinnamon copper undertone,” Rez told Vogue, noting the goal was not necessarily to feed into the redhead trend, but to go for something subtler. “Hailey loves natural and I love natural.” 

Rez created a blended and multidimensional color and tone by employing highlights and what he calls mid-lights: a color that lands between base hue and highlight. “Hailey’s hair is extremely reflective — it’s like glass,” he added. “So when you incorporate all of these colors, it changes depending on the light.”

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