Keke Palmer. That’s it. I’ve been following her journey since her early days as Akeelah and the Bee and True Jackson, VP, so I am a stan that pays attention to the Keke Palmer. So, best believe that I was busy picking my jaw up off the floor after seeing Palmer’s new caramel-blonde-highlighted hair

On June 4, she shared a video showing off her blonde-highlighted hair. Her pin-straight hair was parted down the middle with layers that fell towards her chest. Her dark brown roots transitioned seamlessly into a caramel-blonde hue in the front. It looks like the back half of her hair was the same brunette shade as her roots. 

Though her gorgeous hair is definitely distracting, Palmer’s video is worth a listen. She mostly spoke about how damaging it can be to have very superficial ideas of success. In the caption, which was lengthy, she wrote,  “Value should be placed on character, not monetary and superficial things. We miss out every time we do that to ourselves and others!” Hear the encouraging words from Queen Palmer herself below. 

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