I love getting my hair braided into box braids, cornrows, and other intricate hairstyles, but I do not love the process because it’s so damn time-consuming. I’ve definitely sat for six hours or more many times, particularly because I often get styles that are at least as long as my mid- or lower-back. So when I saw Tia Mowry‘s box braids that were so long they touched her knees, I was reminded of the time I got braids just as long — and how long I had to sit to have them done.

Mowry showed off her uber-long braids in the cutest dancing video featuring Gabrielle Union. The duo danced to Christina Aguilera’s “Come on Over Baby (All I Want is You)” as their dresses and hair swung around them. Mowry’s medium-sized braids were styled into a loose high ponytail that was swept to the front, so you can see the tips that go well past her hips.

She was wearing a big yellow dress that covered her legs, so it’s a bit hard to see where exactly these braids end. Thankfully, in another Instagram video post, which she shared on August 23, she showed her hairstylist Marquita braiding each section. In a few seconds, her short curls transform into the long braided style, and because she wore pants, you can see how they flow all the way to her knees.

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