For Halloween, Kerry Washington paid homage to a legend in the making: ShaCarri Richardson. The Scandal actor specifically chose to emulate the track star’s 2021 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials look, which required orange hair, long nails, and tattoos. She damn near looked like a different person. 

On Halloween, Washington posted pictures of her costume with the caption, “It’s Sha’Kerry,” on Instagram. She wore the same patterned navy blue Nike set Richardson wore at the Olympic trials. Hairstylist Linda Villalobos styled the actor’s hair into a half-up style with a red and white striped headband. The vibrant orange waves flowed all the way to her waist. Washington’s hair is a warmer pumpkin hue, whereas Richardson’s at the time was a bright golden orange. 

Washington may not have the shortest nails, but they have never been as long as these nude French tips, which you can see on slide three. Los Angeles-based nail artist Kim Truong created this manicure, which was about twice the length of Washington’s natural nails. The nails were a simpler and shorter style than Richardson had at the trails. 

Washington also included pictures of Richardson back then at the 2021 Olympic Trials, so you can see how committed she was to the costume with all the little details. She had two faux nose piercings and fake tattoos on her arms and chest. She also had long falsies that nearly touched her brows. 

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