Perhaps we’ve been living under a rock, but we certainly haven’t been paying enough attention to Lily James, or more specifically, her hair texture. For a concert held in London, the Pam & Tommy star showed out with a head full of brunette curls, making us wonder if this is her natural hair texture. 

James wore a printed dress and leather jacket with her brunette curls for the press night of “Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends” held on October 3 in London. Her hair was parted slightly off center and left cascading around her in loose waves. The tips of her brunette waves fell a bit past her collarbone.

As for makeup, she kept it as simple as her hairstyling. You can see a sliver of winged liner on her lids. The pink in her cheeks could have been her natural flush or a result of blending a blush on the apples of her cheeks. She had a pink sheen on her lips that could be either lipstick the same color as her lips or a swipe of gloss

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