Megan Fox, lemme get a closer look at those nails! The stark white color is just what I needed to cool off during this heat wave.

Fox and her go-to manicurist, Brittney Boyce, are always making manicure magic together, and their latest collab is no different, though it’s a bit of a departure from Fox’s most recent manis. The shape is the same — long, pointy stilettos — but Fox typically chooses dark colors or metallics, not a summery bright white like this one. This isn’t just a basic white manicure, though; if you zoom in on the video, you can see the textural 3D details on each nail. The 3D design is the same white shade as Fox’s base manicure, but adds a layer of interest to the simple shade, almost like ice cubes melting in the sun … or, you know, on her nails. Fox’s icy white mani isn’t the only new addition; in Boyce’s video, you can clearly see her delicate hand tattoos, which she added to her lineup of body art in mid-July.

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