I have never seen a single episode of Bridgerton or Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, so you can take my next statement with a grain of salt — I’m almost certain Halsey looks like an extra from one of those shows in the latest look they posted to Instagram. The “Without Me” singer shared a few photos from a friend’s “thir-tea first birthday soirée” where they wore a ruffled white dress with their hair styled into a curly floral beehive.

Halsey dropped an Instagram photo dump on August 21 that included photos of food, the decorations, and their friends in addition to a photo of just Halsey on the third slide. It’s there that you can appreciate the Bridgerton-esque, gravity-defying updo. You can also see the hive’s full height in the first picture, in which Halsey is standing near the decorated table on the far right. 

Their darker curls were piled on their head to create a beehive-esque look. A few face-framing ringlets stuck out near their sideburns. Several tiny flowers in baby pink and white hues were interwoven into the curls, adding the perfect accessory to this whimsical look. 

Though there wasn’t much visible makeup on their face, you can see the light rouge on their cheekbones. Their glowy skin and lightly flushed cheeks paired well with the ethereal hair and dress. I’m also willing to bet that their short nails fit right in with their cottagecore cosplay, but unfortunately, the photo isn’t clear enough to show the details. Their manicure appeared to be a light peach hue with some sort of design adorning each nail. 

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