Cardi B is giving trompe l’oeil with her latest hairstyle. The rapper’s extra, extra long lengths practically blend right in to her brightly colored cape maxi dress and it’s hard to tell where the dress ends and the hair begins.

Cardi showed off the inches on inches on Instagram, posing in the summery blue and red gown at what appears to be a tropical resort. The dress features not one but two cape details — one in the front and one in the back, which trailed behind Cardi and blended with her shiny straight hair, which she wore deeply parted to one side. The hair falls all the way past her butt down to her knees, nearly as long as the maxi dress itself. Cardi styled the gown with some a ruby and gold arm cuff, tangerine platform shoes, a gold collar necklace and a turquoise stiletto manicure. Even her perfume was feeling the vacation vibes. “I smell like Thai coconuts and pineapple,” Cardi wrote in the caption. The rapper can’t stop playing with the long lengths in the video, and we don’t blame her — it looks like liquid silk flowing in the breeze.

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