Kerry Washington is gearing up to tour with her memoir, Thicker Than Water, starting September 23. Naturally, the Scandal actor has been working hard to promote the book’s release, but it’s her gilded, reflective manicure we noticed first in her most recent promotional Instagram post. 

On September 18, Washington shared a picture of herself standing in front of a brick wall with her book in hand. Your eyes might automatically focus on her red lipstick or voluminous Afro puff until you see her book cover and the reflective nails on the hand showcasing it. Her long, almond-shaped tips were coated with a yellow-gold chrome pigment. Her nails looked like freshly polished gold, and we’re almost positive that if you looked into them, you would see yourself. 

Her Afro puff was the direct opposite of sleek with a single swooped baby hair. Instead of trying to conform her curls flat against her scalp with gel, she kept her fluffy puff loose with a strand of hair that cascaded towards her brows. She paired her lowkey hairstyle with a bright matte red lipstick that had pink undertones. 

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