I’m genuinely stumped as to what to call or how to describe Rita Ora‘s latest manicure because the only thing each nail has in common is sparkle. Los Angeles-based nail artist Zola Ganzorigt combined metallic hues with the textured nail trend to create this unique mismatched manicure.  

On October 9, Ganzorigt posted pictures and videos of Ora’s medium-length, squoval-shaped mani. She painted the thumbnail on Ora’s right hand in an iridescent ombre, starting with a lime color near the cuticle that faded into a burgundy in the middle and then a purple at the tips. Half of the index fingernail was painted orange, and the other half was left bare with a 3D silver swirl acting as a border. On the middle fingernail, Ganzorigt adhered a sparkly silver ovalular charm onto a pale pink base. For the ring finger, she added gold foil to a marbled design of purple, pink, and blue hues. She painted the pinky nail silver and adhered one large emerald and one tiny lavender circle charm. 

On the left hand, she covered Ora’s thumbnail, which had textured swirls, with a metallic fuchsia. She drew an olive-hued star with a black dot at its center on the index finger. She repeated the orange and textured silver swirl design on the middle finger, painting the bright color only at the tips instead. She coated the singer’s ring finger in a shimmery lime hue and added an orange jelly charm. Lastly, she placed a glistening pink oval charm on the pinky nail. 

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