Sydney Sweeney celebrated her 26th birthday with a celebration inspired by Sixteen Candles; she wore a big, pink, pouffy dress and gravity-defying curls that looked straight out of the ‘80s. A few weeks later, the Virgo traveled to Paris for fashion week and wore another textured look — the Euphoria actor’s hair fell in extra long, bright blonde mermaid waves.  

Sydney wore a black tweed two-piece outfit with her long waves for the Miu Mium Ready-to-Wear Spring 2024 fashion show held on October 3. Hairstylist Glen Oropeza first blow-dried her hair using the Shark Flexstyle before adding in hair extensions. These hair extensions blended in so well with her own bright blonde hair that you can’t even tell where her real hair ends and extensions begin. Her blonde tips cascaded all the way to her hips.

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After blow drying, he dampened her blonde hair and raked a holding product through it before braiding sections of the hair. Using the Shark Flexstyle’s diffuser attachment, he dried each individual braid, creating a laid-back, textured style. He also used the concentrator attachment to smooth out flyaways. 

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