Why are so many stars obscuring their vision for red carpet events these days? Earlier this year, Dua Lipa’s bangs were all up in her eyes at the Cannes Film Festival, and now Kim Kardashian is doing the same with a peekaboo updo that partially hid her face from the camera flash.

Kardashian attended the 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards wearing her hair in a ‘90s-inspired Pamela Anderson updo with long bangs pulled out and worn across her forehead and over her eyes. Though the hair moved around as Kardashian posed in her high-necked Chrome Hearts gown, the piecey bangs held up their end of the hairstyling bargain and continued their mission to cover her eyes no matter what.

True to form, Kardashian triumphed over her vision-blurring bangs and leaned into it, having fun with the style. The updo itself was gathered up high on Kardashian’s head with curly, tousled tendrils tucked into a bun, much like the messy upstyles worn by Anderson in the ‘90s. (Remember how she said the secret ingredient to said updo was a G-string?) Precise perfection wasn’t the name of the game with this updo; it was all about casual, effortless chic with tendrils pulled out not just over Kardashian’s eyes, but also near her ears. If she went blonde, she’d look like Anderson’s twin sister.

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