Halle Bailey will soon grace theater screens in the live-action The Little Mermaid on May 26. For the film’s world premiere on May 8, celebrities, including her older sister Chloe Bailey, showed out in support, and we were in awe at how Chloe’s locs were replaced with voluminous caramel blonde coils. 

The “Have Mercy” singer arrived at the blue carpet premiere with her massive hair and a floor-length yellow sequined gown. Calling this hairstyle voluminous would truly be an understatement. The longest pieces of this textured hair touched her mid back and the shorter layers grazed her collarbone area. Her hair was a dark brown at the roots, which faded seamlessly into a lighter blonde shade. This style had kinky texture, fullness, and glorious frizz — what’s not to love?

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She paired this kinky hair with smoked-out eyeliner, big fluffy lashes, and brown glossy lips. She topped off the look with a bedazzled, iridescent manicure, of which she shared a close-up look on her Instagram stories. These lipstick-shaped nails were on the longer end. Small pearls decorated each sharpened nail. Only a few nails were adorned with sizable gems that covered about half the nail. In the close-up, you can see a diamond-shaped gem on the middle finger and heart-shaped jewels on her index and ring fingers.

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