Surely you thought that the cold months need color. Surely you thought you were fed up with beige, brown, black or blue. Surely you thought that a different garment was going to make you look much more stylish. You bought a red trench coat and now it’s there, with its excessive color, making you feel absurd for spending money on it.

Well, you were right: the cold months need color, in them everyone wears the same colors and, indeed, a red trench coat can make you look totally stylish. Leave the fear behind, here we explain which combinations are the right ones for your beautiful red trench coat.

Red is more than a color

There are many trench coats for women, but color is key when choosing our style. When we think of red, we must bear in mind that it can be many shades: from brick, wine, marsala, bluish red, lipstick red. It depends on what the color of your red is, that’s how it will blend. It is important that you buy a good quality trench coat.  Garments in black or white can look good even if they are cheap. However, the tints and tones of expensive clothes are much more sophisticated and beautiful than those of cheap clothes. If you are going to choose a colored trench coat, opt for a good brand so that the color is beautiful.

black and white

You can wear black skinny pants with a white blouse or T-shirt. High-heeled shoes or heeled boots and your red trench coat.

The other day I saw a very elegant girl with a short black leather skirt, black ankle boots, a white T-shirt, large black earrings, a black shoulder bag and a black fedora, all framed by her beautiful red trench coat.


If you are going to wear it with jeans, try to make them dark blue and tight. No boyfriend jeans or extreme fades. The top can be a white T-shirt or shirt or with blue prints, or with red prints, or with blue and red prints.  Wear it with navy blue brogues.

Another option is white jean pants, white sailor striped flannel with navy lines, white brogues and red trench coat.


A red trench coat can be worn with dark grays or light grays. You can even use a combination of gray: charcoal gray pants or skirt (that very dark gray, almost black) and a light gray turtleneck top, for example. The red raincoat will give the right touch of color. You can also wear red shoes, which will give the unexpected touch.

Full Red

This is an interesting and bold option. Try to make the reds as similar as possible. You can use them on a top, be it a blouse, sweater or T-shirt. Another option is to use red in accessories, be it shoes, glasses, necklaces. The red bags with the red trench coat can make the bag invisible, so it is not a recommended option.


The option of combining a red trench coat over a dress is perfect. But you must follow a basic rule: your dress can never be longer than the trench coat. Regarding fabrics and colors, the rules are: The dress cannot be made of a warmer fabric than the raincoat, such as velvet. And the colors can be plain or printed with some shade in the same red as the raincoat. This outfit will make you look sophisticated and sexy.

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