Did you buy a mustard blouse? Congratulations. A mustard blouse is a great buy. It seems like a difficult color to combine, but it is wonderful, it suits almost all skin types and is warm and interesting.

In addition, it is super fashionable and is very suitable for these slightly colder months, in which we get tired of wearing dark clothes. Mustard in a blouse brightens the skin and makes you look totally stylish. Also, since not many people usually go dressed in that color, you will always stand out in the environment.

Mustard blouse with black

Well yes, black combines with everything, but with mustard it looks very elegant and is a very suitable option for a formal look, such as to go to work.

  • A mustard top looks great with many things: a black pencil skirt, black skinny pants, a black miniskirt, black palazzo pants. The sum of both tones will always look good.
  • You can also combine the mustard color with small black touches in accessories instead of with other garments, for example a black, mustard and red wine print scarf, which will give a different touch.
  • A black tuxedo jacket will give you the perfect look for an evening event. You can also break the unit with Klein blue shoes, which always gives a special touch.

Mustard blouse with gray

Gray and mustard look great. It can be light gray or lead gray.  In any of the shades it combines perfectly.

  • Try combining light gray pants, a mustard blouse and a lead gray cardigan or jacket. This combination is very elegant and flattering, to go to the office, or for a work meeting.
  • Another option is a very short lead gray skirt, mustard blouse and light gray boots. To brighten up the outfit, you can add some original touches such as ethnic print scarves or scarves that combine green, yellow, mustard, dark red and grey.

Mustard blouse with blue jeans

Blue in its different modalities looks great with a mustard blouse and especially in the case of blue jeans, it gives that casual touch that makes us wear a mustard blouse for any casual look.

  • Navy blue with mustard looks very pretty. In this case, I would add accessories in a red wine tone (bag, shoes or necklace) to give a lively tone.
  • Faded boyfriend jeans with a mustard top look gorgeous. The black heels with this combination are very successful
  • Another option is very dark blue jeans, a mustard blouse and a light-yellow jacket. A touch of color that will stand out much more with dark jeans-
  • Light blue pants, a mustard blouse and a darker blue short cape make the perfect combination of bluish tones that will make the yellow hue stand out.

Mustard blouse with the mustard color is an excellent tone to combine with other natural tones, such as orange, brown and green tones, especially dark ones.

  • The moss green color is an elegant tone that can be used for a formal look. A French-sleeved blouse and palazzo pants in this hue are enough to create a very flattering outfit.
  • For a combination of dark green with mustard, accessories in brown tones are a great option whether you want to wear a belt, stilettos or a handbag.
  • Avoid very light or striking green tones, as they will create an inaccurate contrast. Remember that dark tones are the ones that will best favor the tone of your blouse.

Mustard blouse with accessories

As you have seen, a mustard blouse looks good with many things. What’s more, few things are more elegant than a mustard yellow silk blouse, a black pencil skirt and black pumps. The problem is that it is a very elegant combination but also a little conventional. Fortunately, accessories can help us create other types of more showy looks.

  • Do not hesitate to use colored accessories that provide originality and style: bags, shoes, necklaces, scarves, scarves, jackets, cardigans in very different colors.
  • As you have seen in the examples above, red wine, dark brown, dark red, light yellow, and bright blues always go very well with mustard. Do not hesitate to add them to your outfit.
  • Gold is another type of hue that combines perfectly with mustard. Add a skinny belt to a loose-fitting blouse and you will be able to give it a completely different look.

Mustard blouse with prints

The mustard color is a tone that feels great if combined with prints, since it is a color that has a lot of personality.

  • If you want something classic, opt for floral prints that have small details in the same tone as the blouse. In this way you will be sure not to make a mistake.
  • The Scottish squares are a pattern that helps the mustard color stand out because it is a pattern that gives prominence to strong colors. A short skirt or straight-cut pants are two options that will help you highlight your blouse with style.
  • The riskiest option, but no less accurate, is the animal print, but that is, better with accessories: a bag, a coat or a scarf are the right details to show off this combination properly.

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