A leather skirt is one of those wonderful investments that you’ll wear for decades, as long as you don’t change sizes. In each of the settings it will look different if you change the style.

Good leather skirts tend to be expensive, but you’ll wear it so much that it’s going to be dirt cheap in the long run.   Before, leather skirts were made of leather of better or worse quality and had better or worse workmanship. For example, the best skirts were made of few pieces, because they used very long pieces of leather, while the cheap ones had many pieces sewn together. Now, with new technologies, you can find leatherette or artificial leather skirts that look like the real thing but cost a lot less.

It is important that you do not forget that leather skirts, whether real or artificial, are not a garment to wear in the heat of summer. Fur skirts are for late fall or winter. Another thing that you should not forget is that a leather skirt has to be your size, if it is too tight or too wide for you, there is no way you will look good.

pencil skirt

This is the typical leather skirt. Tube skirts, also called pencil skirts, are knee-length and rather tight, but not too tight. They are very elegant and serve many occasions. You can wear them with any number of tops, from a silk blouse to a t-shirt with a legend. With the silk blouse (or any other vaporous material) it will look very interesting because there is a contrast. With the T-shirt it will look great, because it is a youthful way to wear a skirt that is serious.
Some pencil skirts have slits that show the leg. In that case, you can wear flats or low boots, so that the sexy of the skirt is modernized with the shoes.


Leather midi skirts are usually either flared or have a flare at the bottom. Since leather is a rather rigid material, if they were very tight it would be almost impossible to walk in a leather midi skirt.

They are usually skirts that are fitted at the waist and then reach mid-calf. You can wear them with a crop top, showing the waist, which makes it look very pretty. I also saw a photo of Malim Akerman wearing a black leather midi skirt, black see-through shirt, and beige and black shoes. She looked very good.

Mini skirt

A mini skirt is the best way to wear a leather skirt.  On the one hand, it’s comfortable, it’s not hot, it’s sexy but not overly so, and it looks super stylish. In this case you can wear heels, but in that case try not to make the top also have a low neckline, so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Rather, you could wear your miniskirt with a turtleneck if it’s cold and knee-high boots. Another option is to wear the evening skirt with heels and a shirt with a legend or drawings, to make a contrast. You can also wear it with a jean jacket and a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless.

wide skirts

Wide leather skirts are unusual, but they look very stylish.

I saw a photo of Jessica Alba wearing a midi leather skirt with a lot of flare, which she combined with a crop top (showing the waist) with flowers. The contrast between the flowers and the leather was very stylish.


Usually, leather skirts are usually black. There are also dark brown or navy blue. However, there are very special and rarely used tones:  brick red, mustard yellow, dark pink, military green, light brown.  With any of these color options, the leather skirt will lose a certain severity that characterizes it and will be much more usable and lighter.       

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