Thread bracelets are one of the accessories that few resist. They are colorful, and also very comfortable to wear since they do not weigh anything, you can combine bracelets of different colors and use them daily since they allow you to wear them continuously without spoiling them.

You can find string bracelets in many stores and even in flea markets. However, nothing better than learning how to make your own thread bracelets and customize them to your liking. For this we show you some tutorials that will help you wear an accessory that never goes out of style.

chevron bracelet

Chevron knot bracelets are also known as ” friendship bracelets ” and are very colorful and cheerful. Here we show you how to make a chevron bracelet step by step:

  • First of all, we are going to prepare the amount of thread that we need to make the chevron bracelet. It is normal to choose four colors. Cut two strands of each color that measure approximately 65 inches (165 cm) each. This should leave you with eight strands.
  • Once you have gathered and arranged all the strands, fold them together in half and cut in the center. You will now have 16 strands.
  • Use a piece of tape to secure the first end of the bracelet. Tie the ends in a knot and secure with a ribbon on a board.
  • When making the chevron bracelet we are going to create a mirror effect in which an imaginary line will divide the bracelet in two, and we will repeat the same pattern at both ends.
  • Starting from the outer right string, tie a right knot twice on the string right next to it (second from the right).
  • To tie a right-hand knot, make a 90-degree angle with the thread to be tied on top of the thread to which you are tying it. Then pass the thread to be tied under the other and tighten firmly. You have to make two knots in each thread.
  • Once you tie the outer thread on the right side to the one next to it, repeat the same step with the thread closest to the center. Continue this process until you have reached the center.
  • Take the leftmost strand of center and tie the left knots with the left outer strand until you reach the center.
  • To tie a left knot, do the same as the right knot but in reverse. Make a 90-degree angle with the tying string over the tying string, pass the tying string under the other, and pull tight. You will now see the double mirror image.
  • We are repeating the same steps for the left side of the bracelet.
  • Tie a left or right knot with the two center strands to connect the two sides. You must tie the central knot twice.
  • If you have followed all the steps, the strands you tied in the center will be the same color and you will start to see a double “V” pattern appear.
  • We just have to repeat the steps to continue until the desired length.
  • Tie a new knot, leaving one end so you can tie it off.

Flat knot bracelet

Flat knot bracelets are very pretty and easy to make. It allows us to wear several bracelets of a single color or combine colors in the same bracelet. In a few steps you will have a beautiful flat knot bracelet to wear or to give as a gift.

  • We prepare the length of the threads. We will need two colors: three strands of the same color, two of them 50 cm long and one of them 120 cm long, and a second color for which we will need a 120 cm long strand.
  • Take the smaller 50 cm strand, and fold it in half. Then join the 120 cm strips with the other. Tie a simple knot, leaving 10 cm of space.
  • Secure the bracelet to a board with clips or a piece of tape. Position the smaller strands so that they are right in the center.
  • We have 2 long threads on each side. Take the one on the left and put it on top of the ones in the center. Take the thread on the right side and place it on top
  • Take the end of the thread on the right and pass it under the 2 middle threads and through the gap in the thread left at the other end. Squeeze slowly.
  • We repeat the steps but inverted. Take the thread on the right, put it on top of the 2 central ones, take the thread on the left, put it on top of the one on the right. It will be P shaped.
  • Finally take the end of the left thread and pass it under the 2 central threads and between the right thread. Go adjusting little by little, and make the knots that are necessary to obtain the desired length.
  • Tie a single knot at the bottom to secure, leaving a little more tail to tie.

These types of bracelets are ideal for a bohemian or hippy look, you can combine them with the colors of your clothes and even add beads.

Diagonal thread bracelet

Diagonal thread bracelets are   one of the most basic to make, since they will help you lay the foundations to make other types of more complicated designs. The most basic bracelet is four threads, but you can increase the amount in multiples of two to make it thicker. They admit many combinations of shades and are very easy and quick to make by following the steps that we detail below:

  • We prepare the threads, for this we cut four strands of approximately 65 cm. each one, but all the same size, then place the ends of the threads together and tie a knot, to work better you can place this knot on a board and tape it so that the threads are taut.
  • Start with the first thread on the left (green) that we will loop over and then under the adjacent thread. Keep this last thread taut with one hand while with the other you close and adjust the knot of the previous thread.
  • We repeat the steps to make a double knot.
  • Next, we repeat all the steps always with the green thread as the main one and the following threads.
  • In this way, at the end of the row, the first thread will be the last, and the second thread will become the first.
  • You must do this with each thread, take the first one on the left and tie it over the threads that follow it to the right, until you manage to reach the right side with this thread, then start again with the first one on the left, which this time will be another thread.
  • Repeat until you achieve the desired length.
  • Tie a knot to secure and leave a piece of thread to tie the bracelet.

infinity knot bracelet

Infinity knot bracelets are   very showy since they have a very original shape. We can do it with an infinite knot in the center, or we can incorporate infinite knots throughout the entire bracelet. The basic steps to tie this knot are as follows:

  • First of all, we will need a loom to be able to hold the ends and tighten them. For this we only need a wooden board with nails: four above and one below.
  • For a simple knot we will need four strands. The length will depend on whether we will make several knots or just one central one. In any case, make sure they are long enough to prevent us from missing.
  • We will make several flat knots to start the bracelet following the tutorial that we have indicated previously and we continue making the infinity knot.
  • Now we will have two groups of pairs of knots, 1 and 2. We will start by leaving group 2 in a vertical position, forming a letter I, placing it on top of group 1.
  • Through the one of the l that we have made with group 2 we are going to pass the rope 1. First under the beginning of group 2 then over the upper part of the l and then below the beginning of the group or rope 1.
  • We finished by passing group 1 over the lower part of the l that rope 2 had formed.
  • We tighten the groups of ropes to shape the knot and finish.
  • We can finish with another group of flat knots, continue making infinite knots and devise another type of version of our bracelet.

Twisted knot bracelet

Also known as a spiral bracelet, the twisted knot bracelet is very original as well as simple. It is very discreet since it is very thin on the wrist, and we can combine it with similar ones in different colors. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  • First of all, we need three strands of the length that we want the bracelet to have. One of them will go in the center and the other one above the first, in the shape of a C, so that we will have three ends, two on the sides and the central one.
  • We will pass the left end under the central one and then over the right end.
  • Next, we pass the rope on the right above the center and below the rope on the left.
  • We pull hard to fix the first knot.
  • It is as easy as continuing the entire bracelet by repeating the same steps. We will see that little by little the bracelet is twisting.

If any of the explanations seemed complicated to you, remember that you can find a multitude of tutorials on the internet on how to make bracelets accompanied by photos and even videos that will help you consolidate and understand the entire process.

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