A very elegant invitation arrives, either by post or by email. You have been invited to “that” fashion show. The one with the trendiest designer, the show that everyone wants to go to. You are one of the chosen ones, but you have been going through your closet from top to bottom all afternoon, trying on all the pieces and you are still not sure that your outfit is the one that will ensure that they are totally fashionable, the one that will make no one stop looking. look at you for appropriate and elegant.

Fortunately, it is not such a difficult issue to solve, since by following some practical recommendations, actually dressing to go to a fashion show can be very easy.

tribute to the designer

If you are attending a show by an established designer, one of the options is to pay homage to him by wearing pieces designed by himself. But avoid being too extreme. Nothing to wear their designs from head to toe, you are not a living advertisement. Rather choose a specific, eye-catching piece and build your wardrobe around that piece.

Wearing one of the significant garments of a certain designer is a sign of respect for that person’s work and a synonym of good taste. However, keep in mind that you will have to make some changes in your look between parade and parade, since just as it is synonymous with style to wear something from the designer whose parade you are going to witness, it is not wise to wear the same outfit if you are going to attend a a parade of another brand.

Use vintage fashion clothes

Another option is to wear a vintage piece from the designer whose show you’re attending, or better yet, an antique piece from a well-known designer. We are talking about those magnificent pieces that are only seen in a few exceptions. Vintage clothing is wonderful, because it is designer, the fabrics are usually of an enviable quality and they have an incomparable style.

The good thing about vintage clothing is that it is always a success, since they are garments that never go out of style, on the contrary, they become an icon and a symbol of the brand, and without a doubt it is a nice detail that fashion lovers they will appreciate.

total simplicity

Another interesting option is to show that going to a fashion show is not a big deal to you, that you are so used to it that you can afford to dress like it’s nothing important. For that you can use jeans, with a white blouse and a trench coat, for example.

The trick is that both the jeans, the blouse and the trench coat must be from a hyper-recognized and luxurious brand. It is a very expensive “me-da-lo-miso-style” that gives the impression of lightness and that you did not put any effort and, on the contrary, it takes a lot of effort to achieve.

Mark the difference

One way to stand out at a show is to wear something that is totally different from the style of the show designer.

If this one is known for its romantic silhouettes, choose an austere garment. If, on the other hand, the designer is known for his bombastic style, he looks for something with clean and classic lines. The idea is that seeing you is radically different from what will surround you, in this way the rest of the guests will applaud your creativity and personality when it comes to dressing.

Choose clothes from new designers

An iconoclastic way to go to a show is to wear a piece by a brand new and little-known designer.  It will make you the exception and everyone will want to know whose design is so particular that no one had ever seen from an emerging designer.

You will be the talk of the meeting and in a good way you may be praised for your good taste and for the great idea of ​​revealing clothes that in other circumstances may go unnoticed.

be a crow

Suzy Menkes, the British fashion editor, says that “people outside fashion events are more peacocks than crows”. With this, she means that some people try to attract attention in parades, while others have a low profile and usually dress in black.

The possibility that we propose is that you dress as a crow:  total black.  Dress, stockings, shoes, bag. Or dress, blouse, shoes, clutch. All black. You will draw attention to the appropriateness and the designer will thank you because you will not compete with his designs.

Keep in mind the parade schedule

This recommendation is essential to hit fully with the clothing. It is not the same to choose your outfit for a parade that takes place during the day, then for an elegant event with a parade at night. In the latter case, you should dress in the same way as if you had been invited to an elegant party, but yes, no eccentricities to attract attention: remember that simplicity is good taste.

If, on the other hand, you have been invited to a daytime parade, the wardrobe is somewhat more flexible, you can afford to wear clothes in cooler tones. Remember that any garment, no matter how basic and simple it may seem, can become a synonym of style by playing with accessories: a fabulous ring, a jeweled clutch, a scarf, or high-heeled shoes… In any case, remember that haute couture fashion shows They require a more careful wardrobe, so you should plan the choice of garments in advance.

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