Drop everything because Rihanna just blessed us with a new and unique braided hairstyle. Occasionally, I’ll struggle with naming or describing certain celebrity hairstyles, but I’m truly stumped on what to even call this one. The style involves braids and straight hair, and, in fact, this isn’t the first time she’s stepped out with a half-braided, half-straight look. 

Back in November 2022, Riri stepped out in a chaotic hairstyle that only she could make work. The front half of her head was braided into medium box braids while the latter half was left straight — it definitely adds some new meaning to the phrase “business in the front, party in the back.”

Similar to her 2022 hairstyle, this new half-and-half style, which was posted on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram page on August 8, was braided in the front and straightened in the back. But the similarities end there, as the front half of her hair was parted into a few sections that were then braided. 

In the photo, Rihanna looks at the ground with a minimal amount of visible makeup. Seeing as Rih’s moneymaker is the focus of the photo, it’s hard to see all the details of the hairstyle. What you can see, however, is that the plaits near the crown of her head are twisted into an abstract shape. There’s a braid covering either side of her face, too. You’ll notice that one of those braids ends at her eye level, and the rest is just straight hair. I’m willing to bet that the other braids also have long, straight ends. 

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

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