Stretchy, knit headbands have served a couple of purposes in my lifetime. When I was a tween, the mod look was having a resurgence, so a good chunk of photos from my middle school years feature me wearing them as a trendy accessory. By the time I was in high school, however, they’d been demoted from fashionable to functional, showing up only when I needed to keep my hair off my face for a workout or team practice. The pendulum has clearly been swinging back in the other direction lately, though, with several celebrities wearing them in mod mode again — and Millie Bobby Brown is the latest.

More often than not, recently, Brown has been sporting highlighted, shoulder-length hair, but when she went to London this week to promote her debut novel, Nineteen Steps, she debuted a new look. She was seen leaving a BBC studio on Monday with nearly waist-length, chocolate-brown hair that was parted in the middle and topped off with a white, stretchy headband that matched her monochromatic outfit

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