Anyone who’s ever dyed their bleached hair a fun fantasy color can tell you that the fun fantasy never lasts. Without regular upkeep and refreshes, what was once vibrant becomes pastel, and what was once pastel becomes a faded memory of what was. And yet, Florence Pugh just made the case for letting your temporary punch of pink become a whole new washed-out hue.

We’ve been all too tuned into the top of Pugh’s head ever since she shaved it for the Met Gala in May. She’s been growing out the buzz cut since then, and last Wednesday in Paris, she arrived at the Valentino haute couture fashion show with the inch or two that has grown in dyed bubblegum pink

One week later, on July 12, Pugh made an appearance at a London photocall for the highly anticipated new film Oppenheimer, revealing that the shade has already noticeably shifted. Instead of a vivid pink, her hair has faded to a combination of pale peach and platinum blonde, with her dark roots showing through.

If this was anyone else, perhaps it wouldn’t look so ridiculously, effortlessly cool, but this is Florence Pugh we’re talking about. She could blatantly pick her nose at a premiere and everyone would be raving about her snazzy booger mani.

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