Some of you might have been exposed to the greatness of America Ferrera via Barbie, Superstore, or even Ugly Betty. I, on the other hand, first saw her in the 2002 Disney Channel original movie Gotta Kick It Up!, so it’s been fun to see her career develop. Speaking of developments, Ferrera has a new one that has nothing to do with her acting career — she chopped off her hair into a lob and showed it off in a hairstyle that reminds us of scene kid bangs

Ferrera debuted her new haircut at the Chloé Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 show on September 28, where she wore an all-black outfit accessorized with a bright pink bag. Her shorter dark hair was roughly parted on the side with a few strands of hair falling over her forehead. Though these side-bang-esque pieces weren’t completely blocking her eyesight, the style feels like a modern ode to edgy styles from the mid- and late-2000s.  

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Her hair was curled lightly for a tousled and textured effect. The shortest pieces seemed to hit her chin area while the longest pieces grazed her collarbone area. There’s something about her hair that makes it look polished and windblown at the same time.

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