The 2023 Cannes Film Festival officially started May 16, and as per usual, we have our eyes on the red carpet to admire celebrities’ beauty looks. It might only be day two, but as far as we’re concerned, Helen Mirren already won Best Look on the first day with her multi-hued blue updo. 

The actor shut down the red carpet for the Jeanne du Barry screening in a periwinkle blue gown, paired with blue hair piled onto her head in a messy updo. Up close, you can see that this colorful hair takes on a few different shades of blue, which were added to her hair using L’Oréal Paris Colorista Spray in Pastel Blue

From the front, you’ll be able to see a sky blue, periwinkle, and a darker blue, plus Mirren’s own natural white hair color. But this twisted style looks even more epic from the back, where you can see a cobalt blue color all over her hair. These blues only further emphasized her blue eye color. 

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