Halloween is to Heidi Klum what Christmas is to Mariah Carey. The spooky season simply belongs to the German model, which is why many get excited about her costume reveals during her annual Halloween parties. For 2023, she took things to the next level by using live performers from Cirque du Soleil for her massive peacock costume. 

For her 22nd Halloween party on October 31, Klum arrived dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a group of ten dancers dressed in jumpsuits that matched the pattern of a peacock’s feathers. She and the ten dancers posed like Transformers, assembling into the giant peacock with Klum standing on a dancer’s legs, the rest fanned out around her to form the massive wings. 

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As expected, Klum did not skip out on any of the details, especially her headpiece, which included a prosthetic beak and feathers sprouting from her head. Her makeup artist Bill Corso created the lifelike headpiece, adhering multicolored gems and long wisps of hair around her eyes. If you look closely, you can see the small red and yellow gems right underneath her eye. He also added light and dark blue gems in an arch around the reddish hue that makes up the bird’s eyelids. 

Cirque du Soleil’s makeup artist Vanessa Ashley told the New York Times that it took two hours to apply all the makeup, including foils, sparkles, and airbrushed paint, onto each dancer’s face and hair. As for Klum, she started getting ready at noon that day. 

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